Authority Site: December 2016 Report + Year Summary

December ended up being the best month for the site in 2016, despite being out of seasonality. It’s probably a Christmas bump, along with the fact that I’ve consciously built in monetization paths that are counter-cyclical to the natural seasonality of my niche.I normally wouldn’t add a navigation menu, but this is actually a long […]

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Relaunching a Local Produce Business

In case you’re unaware (and you should be, because almost no one reads this blog — yet), I used to run a local produce business where I grew and sold microgreens to high-end restaurants. I stopped to focus on GreatMate, a technology startup that my cofounder and I got some funding for. After that, I […]

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A Quick Tip to Make More Money From Amazon Associates

If you’ve checked out my authority website series, you’ll know that a good chunk of the income comes from the Amazon Affiliates program. While I expect that to change in the future as I add more monetization models into the website, right now it’s the main earner. Anytime you have one source generating most of […]

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Authority Site: November 2016 Report

November was a better month for the site, both in terms of earnings and my overall execution. I focused on activities that would move the needle, which sounds like a simple concept but is difficult in practice.Let’s get into it.November OverviewIn October’s report, I said the focus for November would be:November will see me creating many more buyer’s […]

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