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Calgary Fire Chief recognizes civilian bravery

Twenty eight Calgarians including one firefighter
cheap ray bans were recognized on January 22, 2014, for their outstanding bravery in an emergency situation by Calgary Fire Chief Bruce Burrell. Recipients of the Fire Chief award had been nominated by Calgary firefighters for showing compassion and selflessness in aiding someone in time of great need.

is an exceptional person who is able to think on his or her feet in extreme circumstances, who can act quickly, decisively and selflessly, said Deputy Mayor Jim Stevenson. you a firefighter who helps people as a profession, or a citizen who happens upon
cheap ray bans an emergency situation, the efforts you put forth are valued and appreciated. the award recipients, one Calgary firefighter was honoured. Captain Rouge Ashmead was nominated for his actions in October 2013 when he witnessed a motor vehicle collision and worked with fellow recipient Dave Rutherford to pull the driver out of a vehicle as it caught fire.

of your intervention, our crews were able to obtain the vital information they needed immediately upon arrival,
discount ray bans allowing them to respond effectively to the needs of the victims involved, said Fire Chief Bruce Burrell. the honour bestowed upon
discount ray bans you today be a reminder to you, always, of your extraordinary courage and goodwill. courageous acts recognized today included diverting traffic to protect the victim of a motor vehicle collision until firefighters arrived at the scene, providing medical care to a motorcycle accident victim and helping a family escape from an apartment complex fire by leaning a ladder up to a second floor window.

All of today honourees were nominated by Calgary firefighters and sent to a committee for review and recommendation for recognition in one of three categories: appreciation, recognition or commendation. Chief Burrell provided the final approval required and presented recipients of appreciation and recognition with a certificate and a Calgary Fire Department commemorative coin. Those receiving a commendation received a CFD Medal of Bravery.

About the Fire Chief Recognition Luncheon 2012 2013 Recipients

Appreciation Recognizes individuals who have provided basic first aid or an act of kindness to a victim at a Calgary Fire Department attended emergency scene.

Recognition Recognizes a significant effort to aid in a CFD attended situation where property or citizens were in danger. The action may have resulted in property being saved or injuries being avoided.Articles Connexes:

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