Authority Site: November 2016 Report

November was a better month for the site, both in terms of earnings and my overall execution. I focused on activities that would move the needle, which sounds like a simple concept but is difficult in practice.Let’s get into it.November OverviewIn October’s report, I said the focus for November would be:November will see me creating many more buyer’s […]

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Authority Site: October 2016 Report

Well, all things that go up must come down. September was the biggest month for my authority website, but October’s numbers fell a bit. There are a few good reasons why this happened — some out of my control, and some not.Let’s get into the main areas of focus for the month.October OverviewLast month, this is […]

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Authority Site: September 2016 Report

I’ll start off by spoiling this post a bit: September was the biggest month for the authority site yet.But…there’s a caveat, which I’ll explain in the numbers section below.Overall, September was a month of really honing in on what is currently moving the needle when it comes to growing the site.​ The moving the needle […]

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Authority Site: August 2016 Report

August was a big month in more ways than one! My portfolio of authority sites hit an all-time high in revenue and I planted a lot of seeds for future growth as well.Let’s get into what went well, what didn’t, and my plans for the next month. Note: This report is only for income from […]

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