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Authority Site: July 2016 Report

I did this one a little late, so there won't be too much in the way of detail. Sorry about that, and please check August's report if you want a more in-depth breakdown!

Note: This report is only for income from the main authority website that I run currently and none of my other business ventures. I'm doing these reports because they seem to be interesting to readers, and also to showcase the raw nuts and bolts of the economics of running websites as a business.

July 2016 Website Numbers


  • AdSense - $13.32
  • Clickbank - $47.01
  • YouTube - $49.89
  • Amazon - $582.95
  • Ezoic - $174.25

Total Revenue: $867.42


Total Expenses: $139.49

Net Profit: $727.93

In July I mostly focused on content, using the systems that I've outlined in earlier posts. I have a long way to go as far as my systematization of content to increase the efficiency of production and decrease the cost (while retaining quality), but that's to be expected. 

When building systems, it's about incremental improvement. The results will scale with the system and pretty soon you'll have exponentially better outputs. This works in content creation just as it would in most other systems.

I decided to focus on more in-depth product reviews this month to boost income. They're great reviews, but focusing on them so heavily will decrease the community vibe of the site in the short term, just because they're not fun, educational, or social style posts. They're designed to rank and print money so I can invest more in other types of material.

I'm also beginning to sense that I need to consolidate my focus on a new social network...Pinterest. I've already mastered Instagram​, and my analytics reports show that Pinterest is dwarfing all social media referral traffic, so I'm going to deconstruct it and figure out how to massively grow my audience there.

I suspect I'll have to make a lot of changes throughout the business, including changing the way that I create images so they're more Pinterest-friendly. Think portrait style and not landscape, as just one example.

More to come in the August report. For now, solid month and looking forward to future growth.