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Authority Site: June 2016 Report

June was a huge month production wise for the site. It was the first month I was able to devote a significant amount of time to it in a while, and it showed. Let's get into the updates.

But first...the numbers.​

Note: This report is only for income from the main authority website that I run currently and none of my other business ventures. I'm doing these reports because they seem to be interesting to readers, and also to showcase the raw nuts and bolts of the economics of running websites as a business.

June 2016 Website Numbers


  • AdSense - $22
  • Clickbank - $0
  • YouTube - $68.68
  • Amazon - $658.48
  • Ezoic - $224

Total Revenue: $973.16


Total Expenses: $386.7

Net Profit: $608.2


I put out 21 new pieces of content, all high-quality and designed for long term rankings. I've already explained a little bit about how I was able to do this in my piece on systemizing content creation, but the basics are: I created highly customizable templates

When I say templates, I really mean two different types:

  • ​Templates for each type of article on your site (how to, list, etc). These include a post skeleton and all of the relevant details needed for a writer (or yourself) to complete the article.
  • Micro-templates for segments of posts (review boxes, callouts, etc). By using Thrive Content Builder (linked above), I was able to templatize the complex parts of my post formatting so I only need to build them once. From there on out, I can drop them in in a single click. This saved me a ton of time as the time it was taking to format posts after they'd been written was often >30m.


This month was also the first month I spent any amount of time at all on promoting the site. Here are a few techniques I used that worked:

  • Submitted every new article to StumbleUpon. Takes about ten seconds and has a decent shot at getting 1k-10k+ uniques if it's content that works well. One of my articles got 15k+ last month off of a ten second investment, Worst case, a few hundred views and some brand exposure.
  • Joined a bunch of Facebook groups and observed. Seeing what works as far as questions, images, and themes helped me understand both 1) what to promote on my social media and 2) how to phrase it. I remade a few images that were circulating around the groups and posted on social media and got massive reach, which has translated to increased social traffic day-to-day.
  • Scaled up Pinterest strategy. After developing my Instagram growth strategy it was time to turn to another fantastic network for my niche, Pinterest. I built out more boards, got on more group boards, and signed up for Tailwind (linked above) to start optimizing my pinning and scheduling systems. I've seen Pinterest traffic grow to a steady ~350/day from this alone.


June is not the best month earnings wise, yet I still managed to almost match the previous month. Of course net profit is a bit lower due to an investment in content, which will only scale up in the following months as I prepare this site for massive growth.

All I did to ramp up earnings this month was focus on more pieces that will drive affiliate sales and revamp my ad placements. I use Ezoic (linked above) to manage my AdSense testing, and it's paid dividends vs using raw AdSense alone. I also added a few more ad units on the site since Ezoic goes through multiple different ad networks, allowing me to expand past the 3 that AdSense limits you to.

I also applied to and BuySellAds, but didn't get into BuySellAds and am still waiting on a response from I expect once I get plugged in, I'll see my RPM (Revenue per 1000 views) go up considerably as their ads usually have a decent CTR.

Overall, it was a great set-up month for what is to come.

If I could change one thing about what I did in June, it would be to limit my content creation to the single silo that I already have traction and rankings in, and to double down on long form, affiliate-friendly content.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions below!​