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Authority Site: October 2016 Report

Well, all things that go up must come down. September was the biggest month for my authority website, but October's numbers fell a bit. There are a few good reasons why this happened — some out of my control, and some not.

Let's get into the main areas of focus for the month.

October Overview

Last month, this is what I said the focus for October would be:

October will see me focusing almost exclusively on content promotion and replacing more category archive pages with category landers. I'll continue ordering more content to fill out the keywords that I can rank for quickly and will pull in either a good traffic boost or a good income boost.​​

How much of this did I do? Almost nothing, if I'm being completely honest.

1. Content Promotion

Last month, my goal was to focus exclusively on content promotion. Well, I didn't do that. I spent more time working on transforming category archive pages into category lander pages than anything else. 

I dislike promotion, so I avoided it. But if I want the site to grow, I need to promote. My content is top-tier in the niche but my promotion is bottom-tier, and I'm still having pretty solid growth. That's a big sign that there's a ton of untapped potential for the site.​

2. Category Landing Pages

This is where most of my focus went for the month.​ The idea here is simple: it's hard to build links to buyer's guides.

Even though my buyer's guides are chock full of information, it's still difficult to build direct links to them. Instead, I'll be replacing the standard WordPress category archive pages with category landing pages that contain a high-level overview of the topic. They also link out to all of the articles contained within the category.

Then, I'll create informational articles that link upwards to the Category Landing Page (CLP), as well as buyer's guides and reviews that also link upward:

The silo structure for a category

This allows me to build links to the CLP without coming off as just trying to get links on a review page, which almost never works. The CLP has 0 ads, 0 product recommendations, and is full of incredible information - a true linkable asset. It also has higher search volume, meaning you'll have an easier time prospecting for links by reverse engineering your competition.

To sum up:

  • Replace category archive with a CLP
  • Create informational articles targeting higher-volume keywords for traffic + topical relevance
  • Create in-depth buyer's guides and use the link authority from the CLP to help rank them, along with some light promotion​

October 2016 Profit Report

As always, Amazon makes up the bulk of the revenue for the site. October saw a few larger purchases, which boosted income nicely. I suspect some of these came as a result of adding targeted exit intent popups on some of the higher-ticket review pages.

Other Revenue

Here are the other sources of revenue this month:

  • AdSense - $23.45
  • Clickbank - $18.25
  • YouTube - $78.66
  • Amazon - $1179.33
  • Ezoic - $192.00
  • Content Writing - $250

Total Revenue: $1,741.69


Although most of these expenses are shared by many sites, I've decided to include them all here so you can see how much running a site like this would cost if it was your only project.

I spent a good chunk of money on content this October at about 2/3 of my total expenses. I view content expenditure more as a long-term investment (provided I can promote it well).

Total Expenses: $615.29

Net Profit: $1126.40

The Month Ahead

​November will see me creating many more buyer's guides for my industry with the help of a writer who is in the industry as well. I will be stepping back from the direct writing and operate more as the content strategist. 

This means I'll be providing the briefs, sending to my writer to fill them out with expert-level information, and then editing, formatting, and uploading them to the site. It's not a perfect solution, but removing myself from some of the content creation process is necessary if I'm ever going to get cracking on promotion.

Speaking of promotion, I'll be doing quite a bit of linkbuilding in November using a variety of methods that I'll talk about in next month's income report.​

​What'd you get done in October? What are you currently struggling with when it comes to building your authority website? Let me know in the comments!