CoSchedule Is Saving My Business Life

I honestly can't imagine going back to the way that it was before....

Custom scheduling all of my social shares on every platform for every business that I run or work with was absolutely killing me. Yes, there were piecemeal solutions out there for one particular platform (Buffer in the early days, for example), but nothing was doing what I wanted:

A simple way to schedule social shares for all important platforms directly from WordPres​s.

​If you're not familiar with CoSchedule, take a peek at this video:

The most valuable feature they offer is the social scheduling. I don't care much about the editorial calendar just yet as I run most of my content creation from Trello, but I plan on taking a deeper dive into that in the future.

Here's my typical flow when using CoSchedule:

  • ​Finish proofing and formatting content for publication
  • Customize the sharing copy and image for each platform via the CoSchedule WordPress plugin
  • Schedule out all social shares using a modified version of this social media calendar:


I would simply be too lazy to schedule shares out for every piece of content on every site that I work on without a piece of software making the job 10-100x easier.

I just wouldn't do it.

Some results from one business

As many of you know, I run a popular gardening site, Epic Gardening. As I created more and more tutorials, guides, and reviews for the site, it became an impossible task to also optimize my sharing strategy. 

Because sharing on social media is only about 1/5th of the actual promotion I do for a piece, any time that I can remove from that process is extremely helpful. On top of that, using the "share repeatedly" philosophy, I went from sharing a piece of Epic Gardening content:

Before CoSchedule

  • 1x on Twitter (no picture)
  • 1x on Facebook
  • 1x on Google+ (if I remembered)
  • 1x on Tumblr (if I remembered)

After CoSchedule

  • ​3-4x on Twitter, with images and different copy
  • 2x on Facebook
  • 2x on Google+
  • 2x on Tumblr

Traffic from social tripled just by implementing that social sharing strategy.

Sure, I could have done it myself...but I wouldn't have.

It's something like $10 a month. Even if you were working a minimum wage job and building an online business in your off time, it'd still be worth buying to save you precious hours of your life.