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I offer the following two services to clients:

  1. Authority Website Strategy Consulting - I help you understand what to focus on and how to grow your authority site faster.
  2. Virtual CMO - I design and execute marketing strategy for your business.

Authority Website Strategy Consulting

Price: $150/hr

On these calls, we’ll take a look at your authority website and come up with a streamlined plan to grow it faster. The truth is that most people building out authority websites do not understand what to focus on, leading them to spin their wheels in a million directions instead of consolidating their time on the few things that matter.


From Dane N.

I started bouncing ideas off of Kevin a few years ago. We were in similar stages of growing our business and online marketing expertise, and it was helpful to have someone else to talk to and use as a soundboard.

Fast forward to today, and Kevin is an authority site beast. He has single-handedly grown his project into a well-known brand that even my girlfriend googles and references from time to time (I didn't even tell her about it...she found his project on her own. It's really weird when people you know talk about things online, and you're like, oh, I know the owner of that site...).

Back on topic - Kevin has this uncanny sense of cutting through the bullshit and will straight up tell you what you should really be spending your time on. He'll also most likely be able to help you turn that into a scaleable process. Most of my chats with him revolve around this, and it has helped me not only focus, but improve my productivity tenfold.

I firmly believe that we often can't see the forest for the trees. Kevin parts the path through the thick, like some sort of druidian Moses. OK, you might not get that, but this is one of the things I think he's really good at.

Anyhow, if you're in Digital Marketing, I strongly recommend throwing down an hour of your time to chat with Kev. It really doesn't matter what stage you are at - you're going to get significant value. - Dane

From Daniel Cuttridge

I've known Kevin for a few years now, so I was insanely excited when I was finally able to get an hour of his time.

In that hour, Kevin gave me way more value than I've gotten from any blog or podcast in a very long time.​

His ability to take a problem you're having, look at all the individual components and eliminate or emphasize key processes is second to none. He's a master at identifying iterative improvements that compound over time.

He makes it easy to understand what you need to do to grow your website, and in what order.

Virtual CMO

I offer this service to three clients at a time, and currently have space for one more client. In my time providing local business, SaaS, and author-focused marketing consulting, I’ve realized the the most valuable monthly retainer service I can offer to clients is that of a virtual CMO.

Simply put: most business owners are focused on their core business and cannot devote enough of their limited time and energy to the marketing side of the business. They might even be knowledgeable about a few aspects of marketing, but they’re not able to zoom out and see the forest for the trees.

What I do in a virtual CMO role is act as the person you can offload your marketing agenda to. I’ll work with you to determine the most important growth goals for your business, then help you shape your marketing plan and processes to best reach that goal.

Please email me at kevin@supremestrategies.com if you’d like to learn more about the Virtual CMO service.