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Site indexation is one of the foundations that good technical SEO is built upon.  If you want your site to get traffic through search, the pages that you want traffic to flow to must be in the index – so fixing any indexation problems is often the first place you should look when auditing your website.

On the flip side, it’s also possible that there are more pages in the index than exist on your site, meaning your site is over-indexed by search engines.  This leads to duplicate content issues as well as a potential decline in search traffic.

Preliminary Analysis

  • How many pages are indexed by Google?
  • How many pages are indexed by Bing?
  • How many pages are in sitemap(s)?
  • Based on the above 3 numbers, is the site over or under indexed?

Indexation Problems Checklist


  • Are any subdomains indexed?
    • If so, should they be?
  • Are mirror sites indexed?
  • Is the secure (https://) version of the site indexed?
    • If so, should it be?
  • Is the site redirecting non-www to www (or vice versa?)
  • Are trailing slashes causing duplication?


  • Are pages you want indexed accessible within 4 clicks from the homepage?


  • Are there duplicate URLs in the sitemap?
  • Are all pages you want indexed included in your sitemaps?


  • Is there pagination on the site?
    • If so, are the duplicate pages noindexed?
  • Does the site use categories, tags, date-based archives, or author based archives?
    • If so, have you considered noindexing them if they are pure duplicate content?
  • Are login URLs noindexed?
  • Are shopping cart and checkout URLs noindexed?
  • Are printer-friendly pages with unique URLs noindexed?
  • Are thank you pages noindexed?


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