Testimonials From Supreme Strategies Clients

In his time as the online marketing director for the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, Kevin drastically improved our online presence, reach, and helped us generate more sales from our ecommerce website.

As a non-profit foundation that funds our gardening projects with ecommerce sales, his work was invaluable in allowing us to spread our mission around the world.​

Victoria Boudman
Victoria Boudman 
Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Kevin did a spectacular job on my Non Profit Website, Embracelets. He paid attention to what I wanted the website to convey and how I wanted to represent my organization. He was proactive and made all my visions come to life. He not only helped me throughout the building of the site but has been a constant help after in the maintenance of it.

I enjoyed Kevin’s personality and his commitment to doing quality work.

Kayleigh von Dollen
Kayleigh Von Dollen
Founder, Embracelets for Africa

Kevin and his team were in charge of bringing my rebranded website vision to life. Even though my technical and web design knowledge is minimal at best, Kevin was still able to piece together a website that not only embodied the message and style of my business, but also helped boost our search engine rankings and overall SEO.

The team was very patient with my ever changing mind and were always willing to accommodate me.

Overall, I highly recommend Kevin and his team. It was a great experience and I hope to be able to work with them again in the future!

Miranda Meisenbach
Miranda Meisenbach
Owner, MIRA Events

I really have nothing but amazing things to say. You had a fine balance of being professional, yet really personable and real. You are at the top of your game at what you do. I really liked how you were really mindful of being efficient with your clients time. You valued what their needs and wants were.

Kim Egel
Marriage Family Therapist

​There are so many nuances to WordPress, as well as too many sites that look the same, that it takes an experienced person like Kevin Espiritu to help you out. He’s easy to talk to, can tell you the behind-the-scene details, and has a good eye for colors and styling.

I’ll have to admit, I was kinda picky: “Hey, can you put a radius on that frame and change the color of this and move that text down a bit… and how do I get Google to mark the company on the map?”

Kevin did it all. He did touch-ups on the logo, resizing and naming the photos the right way for search engines, and was available for changes a month later. He’ll give you additional advice on what works with search engines, recommended hosting sites, building links, and page structures that would theoretically improve your results.

I liked his work – it’s that simple.

Dwight Beardsley

You provide the best SEO audit service available for webmasters and SEO agencies alike. Their telephone consultation was worth the cost of audit all by itself. I’m looking forward to regaining my top search spot.

Enrique Garibay

Received a high quality SEO Audit from Kevin / Supreme Strategies with lightening fast speed. Everything was as described and articulated in a way that can't be beat. I'm definitely a fan of the business and will be sending more work his way any time I can!

Vincent D'Eletto

I thought my site was nearly perfect and needed little to no improvement, but you guys gave me some great suggestions of things that I could further improve upon and even brought some things to my attention that I would never have even thought of before.

Your site architecture advice is guaranteed to help any SEO campaign, big or small. Highly recommended.

James Small
Online Marketer